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Кросскультурные коммуникации в менеджменте

Кафедра стратегического менеджмента НИУ ВШЭ – Пермь в рамках дисциплины «Кросскультурные коммуникации в менеджменте» (“Cross-cultural Communications in Management”) организует двухдневный мастер-класс приглашенного преподавателя Dolores Sanchez Bengoa (Master in Education, PhD candidate, Lecturer/Trainer of Intercultural Management in the PhD/MBA International Management, University of Applied Sciences, Leichtenstein & Vorarlberg – Austriav).

Мастер-класс состоится 23 января (13.10–16.20) и 24 января (11.30–14.40) в аудитории 403.

Программа мастер-класса 


  • The influence of national culture in communication;
  • Tools for understanding different cultures;
  • Styles of verbal and non verbal communication;
  • The business language across cultures (interpretation, presentations, meetings, marketing) ;
  • Guidelines for effective listening and effective communication;
  • Principles for increasing encoding accuracy;
  • Cross cultural communication and knowledge transfer;
  • Practical case: main communication barriers between Russian and German speaking companies when working together.

Learning objectives: The students will learn:

  • To explore how their own culture influence their communication style;
  • To assess how their international communication skills are;
  • To recognise, reduce and overcome barriers that hinder effective cross-cultural communication;
  • To create deeper understanding and greater sensitivity of own values and cultural assumptions, as a bridge or barrier for intercultural communication.


  • Students´ will share their previous and current overseas experiences;
  • Group discussion;
  • Self reflection and evaluation;
  • Application and experiential exercises;
  • Short video;
  • Case study.