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Hasselt University Professor Emeritus Jeanne Schreurs Gives Course «E-Business»

The course “E-Business” will be delivered in English, which will allow the HSE-Perm students to practice their foreign language skills in e-business. In this course, the students will become familiar with e-business strategies that students learn at the Hasselt University.

HSE-Perm Launched a New Project in Cooperation with the Retail Food Chain “SemYa”

On February 1, 2013, the HSE-Perm and the retail food chain “SemYa” executed a cooperation agreement. The agreement provides for joint research in demand estimation.

Visit to the Inholland University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)

As part of the Netherlands-Russia year, a year in which the Netherlands and Russia emphasize their long bilateral relations, the Inholland University of Applied Sciences (IUAS, the Netherlands) hosted a visit by Ms. Agatha Poroshina, a faculty member of the HSE-Perm Applied Mathematics Social Systems Modeling Department and Alexandra Ryakhovskaya, a 3rd year student of the International College of Economics and Finance (ICEF) .

Bloomberg Terminal: Unique Opportunities for Research at HSE – Perm

Starting this year, HSE – Perm’s students and faculty have access to the Bloomberg Terminal, one of the largest databases in the world. Installation of the terminal became possible due to the Program for HSE Development through 2020.

Secrets of Managing Investment and IT-projects from an Expert with International Experience

At the end of HSE – Perm Module 3, a guest specialist William J. Wardly gave a series of master classes for graduate students (programs “Finance” and “Project Management: project analysis, investments, technologies of implementation”).

Dolores Sanchez Bengoa Gives Master Classes

On December 18–19, 2012, HSE – Perm hosted master classes given by a L ecturer/ Trainer of Intercultural Management and Intercultural Knowledge transfer Dolores Sanchez Bengoa from the University of Applied Sciences (Leichtenstein & Vorarlberg, Austria).

Nobel Laureate Professor Eric Maskin Visits Perm

On December 14 to 16, the capital of Permsky Krai hosted a visit by Professor Eric Maskin, Nobel laureate in Economics.

Presentation of International Company KPMG

On December 6, Perm campus of the HSE with the support of the Center for Career Development saw presentation of the international company KPMG for Economics undergraduates and graduates.

Professor of University of Vigo Angel Barajas Visits HSE – Perm

In November, Perm campus hosted a visit by Professor of the University of Vigo Angel Barajas who is a regular guest at HSE –Perm. He gave a series of lectures and workshops in Business Valuation for Economics undergraduates.

Internship at the University of Essex (England)

The summer of 2012 saw completion of validation of the joint Master's program «Business Strategy in a Global Environment" by HSE-Perm and the University of Essex, UK. The fact that the universities will supervise theses jointly makes the Program unique.  Upon successful completion of the program in both the HSE-Perm and the University of Essex, students will obtain two diplomas.