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Playing Football with Students and Intangible-driven Economy in Perm and Vigo

HSE Campus in Perm has launched a series of research seminars at the International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy involving international experts. Leading Research Fellow of the Laboratory Angel Barajas from the University of Vigo (Spain) and head of the sports economy section Dennis C. Coates, from the University of Maryland (US) were involved in the seminar series. From June 14 to 18 the 3rd International Summer School on the Intangible-Driven Economy will take place. Key speakers will include IDLab's leading researchers. Dr. Barajas spoke to HSE English News about the seminar series, the summer school, intangibles in football economics and the FIFA crisis.

Bachelor’s Students in Economics Defended Their Theses

Fourth-year students of the Programme in Economics have successfully defended their final qualifying works in English.

IDLab Research Seminars

HSE Campus in Perm has launched a series of research seminars at the International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy involving international experts.

Google Expert Speaks at Faculty of Business Informatics

Andrey Khlyzov, an expert from Google, who works in Madison (Wisconsin, USA), spoke to students of business informatics and software engineering.

Faculty of Business Informatics Students Successfully Present at National IT Conferences

A national young researchers’ conference on ‘Fundamental and Applied Problems of Mathematics, Mechanics, and Informatics’ recently took place in Perm. Students from the HSE Perm campus in business informatics and software engineering took an active part in the event.

Most Sectors of the Economy Seek HSE Graduates

The HSE-Perm Career Development Centre annually monitors its graduates’ employment. Survey results indicated the demand for HSE alumni on the labour market and prove that they move up the career ladder rather quickly.

HSE Faces: Creative and Charismatic

The second annual student contest ‘HSE FACE’ has taken place at HSE Perm. Student pairs presenting each bachelor’s programme competed with each other for the title of ‘HSE Face’. Anastasia Bayushkina and Konstantin Faletov, a pair of software engineering students, won the competition.

RBK, Esquire and The Village journalists teach Perm HSE students how to captivate their readers

HSE Perm students attended a spring school on communications in Moscow, organised by the School of Integrated Communications and School of Media.

How does the mobility of subscribers influence the consumption of cellular communication?

Within the framework of a joint seminar of GAMES research group and research and training group “Empirical demand estimation” Svetlana Kuzmenkova, the 4th year student of “Economics” educational programme, presented intermediate results of a study dedicated to the influence of subscribers’ mobility on cellular communication services consumption.

Yuri Vasilenko tells Spanish students about Russian history and politics

The head of the Political Sciences programme, Associate Professor at the HSE Perm Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Yuri Vasilenko has given a series of lectures on the ‘History of Russian civilization and Russia’s contemporary politics’ at universities in Spain.