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Deformations and Crises of Ancient Civil Communities.

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Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 2015.

Determinants of fortified wine consumption in Russia: Evidence from a national sample of the Russian Population

Yormirzoev M.

Wine Economics and Policy. 2016. Vol. 5. No. 1. P. 42-49.

Book chapter
Influence of stakeholders on organizational culture development

Isopeskul O. U., Shakina M. A., Georgieva N. Y.

In bk.: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance, ICMLG 2016. 16-17 March 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa. St. Petersburg: 2016.

Working paper
Demand for performing arts: the effect of unobserved quality on price elasticity

Buzanakova A., Ozhegov E. M.

Working papers. AWP. ACEI, 2016. No. 05 - 2016.

HSE in Perm’s Success Home and Abroad

Galina Volodina, Director of the HSE Campus in Perm, spoke about the results of this year of studies and research.

AMES Group Researchers Address International Conference in Spain

Alina Buzanakova and Evgeny Ozhegov, researchers at the HSE-Perm Group for Applied Markets and Enterprises Studies (AMES), presented the results of their research at the 19th International Conference on Cultural Economics at the University of Valladolid, Spain.

Portrait of Young Researcher from HSE in Perm

Evgeniy Ozhegov, Senior Lecturer at the School of Economics and Finance, Junior Research Fellow at the Group for Applied Markets and Enterprises Studies (AMES), and member of the HSE Group of Young Academic Professionals, has recently defended his Candidate of Sciences’ thesis in economics. He teaches econometrics, microeconometrics, game theory, and consumer behavior theory for students of HSE in Perm, and advises them on how to write better graduation papers. In addition to that, Evgeniy heads a student club in econometrics, organizes AMES seminars, and takes part in academic and applied research.

'HSE Offers Great Knowledge and Huge Opportunities, and Lets you Develop Various Capabilities’

Alexey Chmykhov graduated from HSE Perm in Economics in 2015. He is now studying for an MA in Finance while working as a research assistant at the HSE International Laboratory of the Intangible-driven Economy in Perm. Alexey has spoken at Russian and international conferences, taken part in international research competitions, and graduated with honours. Here he shares his impressions about his work and studies at HSE with us.

HSE Enters Top 50 in QS Emerging Europe & Central Asia 2016 Ranking

HSE increased its overall score this year from 73.9 in 2015 to 74.9, allowing it to take 35th place in the ranking.

Wall Painting as Means of Expressing Ethnic Identity

 Svetlana Strinyuk, Associate Professor at the School of Foreign Languages at HSE Perm, presented a report ‘Identity through Violence Aestheticization: murals in Derry and Belfast’ at the 5th international conference CONTEMPART 2016. The conference was dedicated to issues of urban identity, urban space and contemporary art and took place in Istanbul.

HSE Master’s Student Measured the Level of Happiness Using Instagram

Mark Evlampiev, student of the Master’s programme 'Project Management: Project Analysis, Investments, and Implementation Technologies', measured the level of happiness in the urban environment using data from the social network Instagram in the city of Perm.

Kseniya Baydina Participated in Conference on Sports Economics

Kseniya Baydina, 3rd-year student of the bachelor’s programme in Management, presented her report ‘Uncertainty of Outcome and Attendance: Evidence from Russian Football’ at the 20th Conference of the German Association of Sport Economics and Sport Management, held at the University of Tuebingen.

Elena Shakina Completed PhD

Elena Shakina, Head of the International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy defended her PhD dissertation at the University of Vigo in Spain.

iCARE to Take Place in Essex

In 2016 the forth International Conference on Applied Research in Economics (iCARE ) will take place at the Essex Business School, University of Essex, Colchester. The event is organized in cooperation with Essex Business School, HSE Perm academic partner. The event will be held on September 26-27.