About HSE Perm

HSE University is a research university that carries out its mission through scientific, educational, design, expert analytical and socio-cultural activities based on international scientific and organizational standards. We define ourselves as part of the global academic community, we consider international partnerships and involvement in global university interaction as key elements of our movement forward. Being a Russian university, we work for the benefit of Russia and its citizens. Our university is a team of scientists, employees, students and Ph.D. students who stand out by their commitment to maintaining high academic standards of their activities. We strive to provide the most advantageous conditions for the development of each member of our team.

Our values:

  • striving for truth;
  • collaboration and commitment to one another;
  • honesty and openness;
  • academic freedom and political neutrality;
  • professionalism, self-discipline and accountability;
  • public engagement.

Today, HSE University’s Perm campus is comprised of…

14 degree programmes
  • A wide range of educational fields - training not only in economics, but also in IT, humanities, and software engineering
  • Leadership among Perm universities in the number of state-funded places within the fields
  • The highest level of admission quality in Perm region - the average USE score for admission to HSE Perm is 83 points (for Russian citizens)
  • HSE Perm is the only university in Perm region that is included in the top 25 of Russian universities by the criteria of admission quality to state-funded places
  • Fundamental and applied research (from historical to econometric) in scientific groups
  • International laboratory led by leading foreign scientists
  • The educational process combined with research work
  • Assisting students and teachers in implementing their entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Electronic subscription to Russian and foreign scientific periodicals and databases
  • Wide range of student organizations - from classical music and dancing to discussions and tourism