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iCare 2019: Summary

From September 23 to 25, 2019, the International Conference on Applied Research in Economics (iCare) was held at HSE University-Perm. It brought together more than 50 researchers from around the world. Organizers, keynote speakers, and lecturers shared their impressions about the event and explained why iCare is a place where academic dreams can come true.

During the three days of the conference, participants learnt about research findings of their colleagues and presented their own academic achievements.

The conference included 10 sessions in total:

— Empirical Corporate Finance;

— Empirical Industrial Organization;

— Experimental Economics and Finance;

— Labour Economics;

— International Economics;

— Economics of Development;

— Political Economy;

— Public Economics and Finance;

— Management Studies;

— Management Science.

This year, the iCare conference saw presentations on the very topical and relevant issues of applied economics, applied management, and finance. Two of these were presented by the conference keynote speakers: Clemens Puppe, Professor from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) and Ayelet Gneezy, Associate Professor of the Department of Behaviorial Sciences and Marketing from Rady School of Management in the University of California (San Diego).

Dmitri Vinogradov

Dmitri Vinogradov,
Professor at HSE-Perm’s School of Economics and Finance,
Associate Professor at Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow,
Programme Committee Chair, commented after the first day of the conference:

The Education session was very popular: I heard that there was standing room only in the lecture hall. I was impressed by Clemens Puppe’s presentation. I think that his research will be published in a good journal, and we can be proud that an outstanding paper in economics was first presented at our conference. The session ‘Journal of Industrial and Business Economics’ was also extremely successful. The participants enjoyed the idea of ‘mixed’ topics of papers; there were many subjects for discussion, from crypto-currencies to football transfers.

Dmitriy Potapov

Dmitriy Potapov,
Associate Professor from HSE-Perm’s School of Economics and Finance, conference organizer:

The 5th International Workshop on Experimental Economics and Machine Learning, as part of the iCare conference, went very well. First of all, it brought together people from both the academic and business communities; second, representatives of different disciplines took part in the workshop, from marketing and behavioural sciences to hardcore mathematics, and I firmly believe that such an interdisciplinarity approach is very productive.

Clemens Puppe,
conference keynote speaker:

I think that the atmosphere at this conference was very friendly. The audience was really interested in my paper, and I had a good time interacting with colleagues and students. The Perm campus of HSE University is special: compact and comfy. I am glad to be here.

Ayelet Gneezy,
conference keynote speaker:

Before entering the lecture room where the conference was held, I was a little worried, but it turned out I needn’t have been. I enjoyed giving my speech and the ensuing discussion. It was very convenient that it was not oversubscribed, and we could easily listen to each other.

The iCare conference went successfully. I met both old acquaintances and new faces. As happens in the best kind of international event, everyone was ready to share their knowledge, to plan joint projects and discuss how research can be improved. I’m grateful to the conference keynote speakers - Clemens Puppe and Ayelet Gneezy – for their interesting papers on public choice and experimental economics.

Mariya Molodchik

I have been participating in this event for several years, so I can say that the conference opening was as great as usual. One thing I particularly like is that one can meet researchers from completely different areas of economics here. It is very interesting to listen to presentations of other researchers and to discover something new every time.

We have prepared a paper together with my colleagues from HSE University-Perm, Olga Kotomina and Aleksandra Sazhina, on the influence of parental involvement in the educational process and the academic performance of children. We discovered a number of factors related to academic performance and the success of children when enrolling in universities.

Talking about the papers of other researchers, I liked the presentation on the ‘return’ on education in Russia most of all. This topic is dear to me, and I am glad that I had an opportunity to listen to the speaker in person at this conference.

Ilya Prakhov
Assistant Professor

Stepan Zemtsov,
Senior Research Fellow at the Laboratory for Research of Problems of Entrepreneurship,
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration:

A wonderful international conference at HSE University-Perm: interesting papers on the role of human capital, business development factors, management methods; a lot of econometrics, outstanding organization and a social programme including the famous Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre. I thoroughly recommend visiting it next year!

We congratulate all the participants of the 7th International Conference on Applied Research in Economics and wish them success in their future research.