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The unusual econometrics

Agatha Lozinskaya and Yevgenia Popova, lecturers of the school of economics and finance, NRU HSE, for two years straight carry out the intellectual game called “Tenner” for 3rd year students of “Economics” educational programme. The Educational Innovation Fund of NRU HSE declared the game one of the best developments of teaching models in 2015.

Students had to solve 6 unusual econometrical tasks; each of them included 10 subtasks. The guys not only showed the knowledge of terminology and the skills of using econometrical methods in practice, but also demonstrated their logic and erudition.

A separate task was dedicated to working with empirical articles of the leading Russian econometrical journals, such as “The Applied Econometrics”, “The Quantile”, “The Economic journal of HSE”, “The Journal of New Economic Association”. The students had to fill the missing econometrical terms in the texts fragments.

Students were divided in 15 teams. After performing the first tasks leaders were determined – “Obama”, “Enigmas”, “The leprechauns”, “Dictum Factum”, “E-team”, “Ezmetrica” and “The Order of Gauss”.

In the course of severe battle the victory came to the team “The Secret Order of Econometrists named after the Third Condition of Gauss-Markov”. The team list included:

 - Yulia Buldakova (team leader);

- Ilya Yepanov;

- Nikita Kosolapov;

- Maria Ustyuzhanina;

- Svetlana Tsygvintseva;

- Georgy Chernousov.

The students get 10 grades on econometrics for microcontrol.

The second best was the team named “Six little rubles”:

- Anastasia Vlasova (team leader);

- Olga Usynina;

- Vladislav Surovtsev;

- Alla Korzh;

- Lyubov Khazova.

 The honorable “bronze” was awarded to the team called “The 13th”:

- Viktoria Pepelyaeva (team leader);

- Darya Shirokikh

- Kristina Peskova;

- Aleksandra Guselnikova;

- Aleksandra Lykova;

- Rozalina Safieva.

The organizers express gratitude to Ekaterina Abalmasova, Alina Buzanakova, Sofia Paklina (the participants of the winner team last year) and also to Yevgeny Ozhegov and Yulia Naydenova for active participation in preparation and carrying out the game.