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Winners and Awardees of the Student Conference iTELL – 2019

The Department of Foreign Languages of the Higher School of Economics—Perm held an annual interdisciplinary student conference iTELL on February 27. Participants presented more than 30 reports and shared their research results.

This year the number of conference participants from other universities and educational institutions of the city has increased significantly. Participants were impressed by the friendly atmosphere and noticed the importance of the presence of a native speaker among jury members.

This year, participants presented their reports in 5 sections of various profiles.

Winners and awardees

Language and Education Section

1st place — Oksana Altyntseva (PSU)

2nd place — Ekaterina Kostitsyna (Lyceum No. 2, Perm) and Elizaveta Solovyova (PSU)

Technology and IT Section

1st place — Maxim Petukhov (BI-17-1)

2nd place — Anna Elovikova (PI-18-1) 

3rd place — Anna Popova (BI-17-2), Alisa Sharipova (BI-18-2)

History and Culture section

1st place — Diana Pavlova (I-18-1)

2nd place — Maxim Lukin (Lyceum No. 2, Perm)

3rd place — Olga Schukina (Lyceum № 1, Berezniki)

Law and Economics Section

1st place — Mikhail Plotnikov (E-18-1)

2nd place — Akmaljon Rakhimov (E-18-1)

Секция Advertising

1st place — Daria Filippova (E-18-2), Polina Medvedeva (PSTU)

2nd place — Arina Khairullina (Lyceum № 2, Perm)

Polina Murtazina

Conference Secretary

Every year more and more participants from different educational institutions of the region show interest in our conference. iTELL 2019 has attracted not only students from Perm universities, but also students from the lyceum of Perm and the region. The participants were able to express their opinions on topics, to feel like researchers, and, possibly, future HSE students.

It was difficult for the jury members to identify the best ones, since the speakers demonstrated a high level of proficiency in the language, in-depth analysis of the material, creativity, and personal interest in the issues that were being studied. Of course, the results of the speakers - it is also the merit of their professors and academic leaders. Many thanks to them for their professionalism, patience and great contribution to the formation of a new generation!

I really liked the conference, the participants showed a high level of English. I was also surprised by a diverse scientific interest in the field of marketing and advertising.

Alexandra Sazhina
Associate Professor of the Management Department

Vladislava Vakhrusheva

Law and Economics section

The iTELL conference is an interesting platform for presenting your level of English and your awareness of what you are learning in your own direction. Honestly, I was scared to prepare a report on a trade secret, or rather on its protection, as it is a complex institution. But luckily one of the members of the jury (Nikita Maltsev)  was a specialist in this field . Also, there were some interesting questions about the relevance of protecting trade secrets and its problems.
Anna Elovikova

Technology and IT section

I am still impressed after the event: a pleasant atmosphere that is not «overloaded» with seriousness, friendly jury and attentive listeners. It distracts from the excitement of the upcoming report. The topic of my research was to study the specifics of the behavior of adolescents in social networks, in other words, the purpose of my work was to identify the problems faced by adolescents in the world of social networks and propose the solution to these problems. I won't say that I was fully satisfied with my performance (my excitement played a huge role). Nevertheless, the presentations and reports of the other participants were extremely interesting to me, therefore, I recommend to come at least as a listener. I advise everyone to try and take part, this is an incredibly rewarding experience!
Anastasia Bosova

History and Culture section

This is a good experience for everyone who is trying to develop the ability to speak in public and speak fluently in a foreign language. I am glad that I had this opportunity. I liked that a native speaker attended the conference, which motivated me to make my speech better. I learned about the conference itself from my professor. The opportunity to supplement my achievements encouraged to participate in this event. 
Polina Medvedeva

Advertising section

The professors of our university told us about the conference, and I decided to take part for two reasons. The first one is that  I have a study that I wanted to share with others, and the second is that  I never spoke in English in front of the public. The second one  has become a kind of challenge and desire to get such experience whatever the result. I must say that the language level of the participants was really advanced, but the atmosphere was cozy, so I was almost calm. I liked the attitude of the jury, they turned out to be nice people and were involved in our stories. There was a foreign student among them, whose opinion was also great to know. She, by the way, said she was impressed with us. While I was waiting for the results, I met other participants, and we had a very nice talk about studying, English and even TV shows. All of them are very smart and deserve the victory. I did not expect to win, but I was very happy about it! The experience turned out to be successful!

The conference iTELL this year was full of the high level  reports, both in terms of  the language and in terms of their degree of scientific character. But what is very significant is that students from different Perm universities also participated in this conference! I think this is very important for our students, because participating in iTELL gives them  the opportunity to learn what their colleagues from other educational institutions do and to see their own strengths and weaknesses in contrast, which is extremely important for their academic development.

Elizaveta Smirnova
Associate Professor of the Foreign Languages Department