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6 Reasons to Get a Master’s Degree at HSE Perm

The Academic Supervisors of six educational programmes offered at the Perm campus spoke to HSE News Service about the benefits of getting Master’s degree.

6 Reasons to Get a Master’s Degree at HSE Perm

Elena L. Zueva

Academic Supervisor of the Master’s Programme ‘Public Administration’


It may seem that Master's programmes are not a necessity, however in the future, Bachelor graduates may not be hired in managerial positions without a Master's degree. A Bachelor's degree confirms the intellect of the graduate,  and a certain knowledge base, but it is the Master’s degree that allows the student to change their educational trajectory and acquire additional professional competencies which open up new opportunities for career development.

After graduating from our Master's programme, graduates are ready to take up supervising positions with the authorities. They do not face any employment problems. The Master's degree in Public Administration is also highly ranked according     its teaching and research activities and in business activities carried outin cooperation with the government.

We are practice-oriented: we pay attention to modern trends and are constantly improving the programme. We launched the discipline ’Project management in the public sector‘, which is taught by a practicing expert in the field who also happens to be an HSE Master’s programme graduate.

Every week, we run an academic seminar where we invite representatives of public administration to introduce their activities to students. This helps the students to determine their future professional trajectory.


Dmitry V. Gergert

Academic Supervisor of the Master’s Programme 'Project Management: Project Analysis, Investments, and Implementation Technologies'


A Master's degree gives Bachelor graduates the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in their specific area of interest.

Our programme is constantly being modernized. Last year, we moved closer to flexible management technologies. They are actively used in the IT field, which is relevant to our graduates as many of them already work in IT companies. Starting next year, we will actively develop ’Product Management‘, which involves project management for new products. Practicing experts will teach the programme.


Irina N. Shafranskaya

Academic Supervisor of the Master’s Programme 'SMART-Marketing: Data, Analysis, Insight'


Our graduates work in successful companies such as Yandex, Sberbank and Google, any many already occupy leading positions. In terms of career development, our graduates do not necessarily go to existing companies. Very often, they set up and develop their own business.

The Master’s programme ’SMART-marketing: data, analytics, insights‘ enables us to adjust the curriculum according to the abilities and competencies of each student. We provide students with a large list of online courses to choose from, as well as the possibility to study at other HSE campuses and foreign universities. A student with any Bachelor's background can quickly adapt to our flexibile programme.

During their studies, the student continues to set challenging goals, implement projects, receive feedback from teachers and improve their professional competences. The world now is competitive, and students need to exploit every opportunity for self-development.


Alexander I. Deryabin

Academic Supervisor of the Master’s Programme 'Information Analytics in Enterprise Management'


The goal of any educational institution is the systematic development of the human intellect. Just as professional athletes need to regularly train their muscles, students need to continue to develop new knowledge and skills. Modern employers are interested in graduates who demonstrate their desire for continuous learning.

The Master's programme 'Information Analytics in Enterprise Management' is focused on training specialists in business analytics, system analysts and architects and project managers in information systems development with high professional qualifications. Bachelor’s degree graduates come to the programme from many different spheres, even linguistics and teaching.  

Our graduates are able not only to collect and process data, but also to make professional management decisions based on their analysis. Following the Master's programme 'Information Analytics in Enterprise Management', graduates are able to work in the IT field. We teach students to use and develop systems of information and analytical management support, to develop tools for the development and maintenance of information systems and to solve tasks related to designing and improving the information infrastructure of an enterprise.


Marina Zavertiaeva

Academic Supervisor of the Master’s programme ‘Finance’


A Master's degree always gives more precise knowledge compared to the Bachelor's degree. Certainly, HSE Bachelors can study Finance in their 4th year, however our Master’s  curriculum goes further. It enables students to use their knowledge as a basis for deepening their skills. Our students do not always have an economic background. They are offered bridging courses with the help of online platforms.

Interaction with employers demonstrates the importance of a Master's degree in moving up the career ladder. Our graduates who run financial services recruit only those with Master degrees.

The role of a financial expert is constantly changing. Implementation of methods for analyzing large data, machine learning and artificial intelligence make it possible to make more deliberate decisions. A modern financial analyst should be able to work with data and turn it into information. We have developed the educational module ‘Data-driven decisions in Finance’. It teaches students to understand the task of financial management, to choose the right method for obtaining a solution, to automatically collect and process data and to develop recommendations for financial management.

Students study classical financial disciplines in ‘Financial Management’ and ‘Securities Markets’. Our graduates are therefore versatile specialists: they work in investment companies, economic departments of real sector companies, with the authorities and even run their own businesses.

Another important feature of the programme is the involvement of employers. We hold regular workshops run by practitioners. In addition, employers take part in assessing our students’ work.


Kseniia Kondrateva

Academic Supervisor of the Master’s programme 'Legal Support of Entrepreneurial Activity'


Obviously, a practicing lawyer should be able to apply legal norms, not in isolation, but while solving tasks related to a particular business structure. The Master's programme ‘Legal Support of Entrepreneurial Activities’ includes a comprehensive economic and legal analysis of practical problems, the means and methods for their solution and complex theoretical and empirical research.

This approach will enable graduates to understand business processes, develop skills in developing legal documents, legal expertise, negotiating, and debating any legal issue.