Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Do to Be Admitted to HSE Perm?

To be admitted to HSE-Perm, you can take one (or all) of the following actions:

-    Take part in the International Youth Olympiad - 2021. Winners and awardees have an opportunity to enter a state-funded place (Government scholarship of the Russian Federation). Participants receive additional benefits for admission to fee-paying places (partial scholarships).

-    Pass the HSE entrance tests in person or remotely (2 exams) and enter a state-funded place (Government scholarship of the Russian Federation) or a fee-paying place.

-    Pass Unified State Exams or HSE entrance examinations in person (3-4 exams) as part of a general admissions campaign along with Russian applicants and enroll in both fee-paying and state-funded places.

What Can I Apply For?

International students can apply for:

-      State-funded places (government scholarship);

-      State-funded places (along with Russia citizens, for international students who are regarded as fellow citizens):

-      Fee-paying places.

Does HSE Perm Provide Accommodation?

Applicants and students can be provided accommodation at one of HSE Perm’s dormitories for the duration of their entrance exams and studies. You can find information about dormitory accommodation fees and relevant addresses here.

When Can I Apply?

Please visit our Admission page for more information on the admission procedure, online applications, document submission points and the necessary addresses for document submission.

Are International Students Entitled to Scholarships?

Scholarships are available depending on your rating position. For more information on how to apply and scholarship requirements, please visit our Scholarships page.

Do I Need Health Insurance to Attend HSE Perm?

Foreign citizens are obliged to apply for a health insurance policy on the day they arrive in Russia regardless of the purpose of their visit. A policy must be valid throughout the entire period of staying in Russia.

Foreign citizens are required to purchase a health insurance policy on their own. Please note that you do not need one to apply for dormitory accommodation. To apply for dormitory accommodation, you only need a health certificate confirming no contraindications to undertake studies (valid for 6 months) and a AIDS/HIV test certificate (valid for 3 months).

You can also purchase medical insurance in Russia. You may select a medical insurance plan from the list of options offered by HSE’s partner companies or choose any other insurance company.

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