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Admission in Five Steps (Bachelor's programmes)

Step 5. Enrolment

Before Departure

1. Complete sending of documents from STEP 4 and upload to the "Offer of Admission" section in the User's Account.

2. Legalize your academic credentials (degree/high school certificates/diplomas).

Depending on the country in which you received the certificate of education, you must go through the procedure of legalization. A full list of countries with requirements for legalization is available on the page. Each country has its own conditions for legalization.

* You can legalize both originals of educational documents and copies.

3. Make your academic credentials (degree/high school certificates/diplomas) recognized in Russia.

Once you have received the original of your degree/high school certificate and obtained its notarized translation* into Russian (if applicable), please submit an application for the recognition of your academic credentials via your personal account on the HSE website. If you have any questions regarding recognition, please contact us at recognition@hse.ru.

IMPORTANT! Recognition procedure is mandatory for all foreign citizens applying to HSE and is offered free of charge. If you have a Russian high school/degree certificate issued by a Russian academic institution, you are still required to submit an application for recognition of academic credentials.  

*Traslations can be made on the territory of the Russian Federation (certified by a notary), or in the applicant's country of residence (certified by a stamp of the consular department of the Embassy / Consulate of the Russian Federation).

4. Apply for a Russian visa.

If you are recommended for a state-funded place, then the visa order is made by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, after the HSE staff downloads documents from STEP 4 to the information system of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The list of visa guidance numbers will be posted in your User's account in the "Visa" section. The approximate date of posting information on visa directions is the beginning of August.

If you are recommended for a commercial place, then the application is made within the User's account in the section "Visa". Detailed instructions can be found in that section.

Please note that you DO NOT need a visa if you come from the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Abkhazia, the Republic of South Ossetia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Tajikistan, Ukraine, the Republic of Armenia, and the Republic of Uzbekistan.

You can use your internal (national) passport if you come from the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Armenia, the Kyrgyz Republic and Ukraine can enter Russia. Citizens of other countries need to issue a foreign passport to enter the Russian Federation.

Compatriots coming to Russia also present an identity document. On the territory of a foreign country they use a Russian foreign passport. By the time of enrollment at HSE, a Russian internal passport must be issued from a citizen of the Russian Federation permanently residing abroad. Plan your time, since the registration of a Russian internal passport takes up to 2 months (in the event that the citizen does not have permanent registration at the place of residence, but only temporary registration).

5. Organization of admission of foreign applicants.

Enrollment in the study and accommodation in the university dormitories will be held from in late August.

You should  have with you:

- a passport and a copy of the passport with a notarized translation into Russian (if necessary);
- original documents on education (diploma + transcript) and copies with a notarized translation into Russian (if necessary);
- original medical certificate of health, and a certificate of the absence of HIV infection. Please note that the validity period of the medical certificate is 6 months; certificates of absence of HIV infection - 3 months.
- a migration card issued when crossing the border of the Russian Federation (at the airport or another Russian border crossing point) and a copy of the visa (if provided). NOTE! In the migration card it is necessary to emphasize the purpose of the visit “study”
- voluntary medical insurance, if any. You can purchase one at any insurance company of your choice. You can find more information https://perm.hse.ru/en/istudents/medical_insurance/here
- 4 photos size 3x4;

The enrolment procedure consists of several steps.
1. Submission of documents for admission to studies at the HSE Perm.

2. Migration registration (at the place of stay). You need to submit the documents for migration registration in the International Office on the first day of arrival.

Please note that foreign students will need to get up for migration registration according to their actual place of residence.

IMPORTANT! Terms of stay of foreign citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation without registration:
citizens of Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan and Armenia - within 30 days;
citizens of Tajikistan - within 15 days.

3. Dormitory check-in.

You need to have a medical certificate in the form 086-U, a certificate about the absence of HIV / AIDS, a vaccination card (vaccination certificate), a document on the X-ray examination (you will also need a certificate of health group for physical education). At the time of your arrival in Perm, you will already be assigned a place in one of the dormitories of the university. 


For more information, please contact dvkashin@hse.ru.