HSE Perm is the perfect choice for those looking for growth opportunities

In our continuing series of stories, 'HSE Without Borders', in which students from different countries and regions across Russia talk about themselves and their studies, Safarbec Norov shares his experience of arriving in Perm from his native Tajikistan to pursue a programme in economics. 

I actually chose HSE purely by accident. My friend was preparing documents for admissions to HSE, and advised me to try as well. I didn't know about HSE before but decided to apply. I chose economics because even if economics is not the meaning of my life, it’s a very significant part of it. I can say that I didn’t have any fears before arriving because I had already spent time studying in another city. I’ve actually travelled a lot, and new places don’t scare me. I had some trouble with the language barrier, especially as it relates to mathematical analysis. The first two weeks were very difficult, because I didn't know anyone in our group. But when I made friends in the group, it felt better and became easier. Also, it helped that I knew a lot about Perm because I have friends here. They told me a lot about Perm, and as I can now see, virtually everything lines up with what they had said. 

Right away I understood that I need to work hard here, but I see only advantages in that. I like this place. Sometimes I had thoughts of returning to Tajikistan, because things seemed really difficult, but thanks to support from friends and fellow students, I was able to manage. After graduating, I’m planning to work for a major company for a while, and after I gain enough experience, I want to start my own business.

To sump up, HSE Perm is the perfect choice for those looking for growth opportunities.