It is great to study together with the best and learn from the best

Sattorzoda Sukhrobi Rustam is pursuing his Master’s degree in Finance. He moved to Perm from Tadzhikistan and is currently in his first-year of studies.

I just came across an advertisement about international admission into the Higher School of Economics. I had already heard about HSE as a highly ranked and well-renowned university. I submitted the necessary documents, had an online interview and was admitted.

Before I came here I deliberately searched through the Internet trying to find out as much as possible about Perm. I wanted to know what the city is like and what people live here. I found out that quite a lot of prison camps are located in Perm region and it is infamous for its high crime rate. No wonder I got worried, but my parents reassured me. Now I can say for sure that what I read about Perm was far from the reality. The city is very attractive with a rich cultural heritage and friendly people. I have been to Perm theatres – they are amazing.

I have always wanted to pursue an academic career and that is why I came here. Here, I can improve my Russian. The excellent reputation of HSE also added to my desire to study here.

I have enrolled in Master’s programme in Finance as I did my Bachelor’s degree in Finance in Tadzhikistan. I have been particularly interested in this sphere since I was a schoolboy.

I am planning to complete my Master’s degree and then to do PhD. I believe it is important to develop science in my home country.

Before I moved to Perm, I had never been abroad; everything was new and strange here. The first few months in Perm were tough: I felt desperately homesick and missed my family and friends a lot.

Studying at HSE Perm is much more challenging and intellectually demanding than it was in Tadzhikistan. The groups are small and I like being one of the select few to study here. Everyone in my group works hard and strives to improve their academic rank. It is a new experience for me.

I would advise foreign students who are considering studying in Perm to be critical about what can be found on the Internet and not to believe everything what is told about Perm. It is not going to be easy but it is worth it: the standards are high and the teachers are real professionals. I have been here for six months and I have already learnt more than I learnt during my four year studies in Tadzhikistan. It is great to study among the best and learn from the best.