From November, 1 all foreign citizens who are planning to enter educational programmes of the bachelor's and master's degrees at the HSE Perm in 2021 can submit their applications online. We have created a detailed FAQ: how to apply, what exams you need to pass, when to submit documents, etc.

Is it possible to enter a bachelor's degree programme without taking exams?

Pupils of 10th and 11th grades can take part in the HSE Global Scholarship Competition (https://olymp.hse.ru/en/inter/).  It is going to be held from January, 21 to January, 26, so you can start preparing right now. Winners and prize-winners can either ask for a budget place (i.e. receive a scholarship from the Russian Government), or receive some additional benefits when applying for commercial places (i.e. partial scholarship).

HSE Global Scholarship Competition diplomas are valid within two years, so school graduates can use their benefits for entering the HSE  in 2021 and in 2022. We invite 10th form graduates to use their benefits for applying at the HSE in 2022. You can find detailed information about IYO here (https://olymp.hse.ru/en/inter/). In order to prepare for the Competition the webinars have been planned.

What are other ways of entering a bachelor's degree?

During the admission campaign the 11th grade pupils can pass entrance tests (2 exams) as part of a separate competition for foreign citizens and receive places with a partial or full scholarship (depending on available places). It is possible to do tests online either from home or any other convenient location with a stable Internet connection. To sign up for personal or remote exams, you need to create your personal account (https://asav.hse.ru/applyba.html#en).

What exams do foreign citizens should take for a bachelor's degree?

To admit to any of the eight bachelor's programmes (https://perm.hse.ru/en/admissions/ba/) presented at the HSE Perm, all applicants have to pass the Russian language exam. The second subject depends on the chosen direction:

- For the educational programs "Economics", "Business Administration", "Software Engineering" and "Business Informatics", you need to pass Mathematics,

- When you choose the educational programmes "Law" and "History" you need to pass a General History exam,

- For the programme "Design" it is necessary to pass a creative test,

 - For the programme "Foreign Languages ​​and Intercultural Communication in Business" it is necessary to pass English.

You can check the entrance exams depending on the programmes here (https://perm.hse.ru/en/admissions/exams2021/). The applicant has the right to choose two educational programmes in the personal account at once, giving them the first and the second priority.

Please, consider that each exam can be taken only once.

For example, if you choose the bachelor's degree in “Business Administration” and “Business Informatics”, then you pass the Russian language and Mathematics exams only one time. If, for example, you choose the programmes "Economics" and "Law", then you will have to take the Russian language (once), as well as Mathematics (for "Economics") and History (for "History"). That is, three exams in total.

You can test your abilities by going through trial entrance tests on different subjects (https://perm.hse.ru/admissions/ba/test).

I want to enter master's degree. How to do that?

The selection of candidates for the master's degree for all eight programs (https://perm.hse.ru/en/admissions/ma/) is based on the presented portfolio. Also, you should register in your personal account (https://asav.hse.ru/applyma.html#en) and send your application form.

After registration, it is necessary to upload the following documents: a copy of your passport, CV, a motivational letter, a copy of a document confirming the level of your education, letters of recommendation. Detailed information on the composition and criteria for rating the portfolio of foreign applicants is presented here (https://perm.hse.ru/en/admissions/ma/criteria/).

How can I find out my results?

The results of entrance exams will appear in your personal account within two weeks after passing them. Upon successful passing of the entrance exams, the applicant may be recommended to study with a full or partial scholarship. You can find out the tuition fees for a bachelor's degree on this page (https://perm.hse.ru/en/admissions/ba/discountsba#pagetop), and for a master's degree  here (https://perm.hse.ru/en/admissions/ma/discountsma#pagetop).

What do I need a registration number for?

Registration number is the applicant’s "passport". With its help, we can easily find a registered foreign citizen in our electronic system; see which majors s(he) has chosen, what grades s(he)’s got for exams, what stage s(he) is at and what steps s(he) needs to take next. It often happens that when registering, applicants make mistakes in their names or surnames, so there are difficulties with searching them in the lists. No student will be "lost" due to his/her registration number; therefore, having a registration number is obligatorily.

After the passport has been uploaded in the personal account, the moderator will check if the form has been filled in correctly and send the registration number to the e-mail indicated during registration. Thus, it is very important to remember the password of your email account.

Does HSE provide dormitories?

HSE provides dormitories for the study period. So far, all studying has been transferred to online format, a lot of students are staying home in their countries. As soon as the epidemiological situation improves, the newly admitted students can come to Perm and live in the dormitories. There are computer rooms, kitchens, a gym and everything you need for life and studying in there. The cost of living depends on the season of a year. In Perm, it is 500-600 rubles a month in average.

What is the deadline for submitting documents?

We accept applications for study in 2021/2022 until August, 15, 2021, and you have to pass the entrance exams no later than August, 20.

Foreign applicants can find out about their admission in their personal account. All documents can be submitted through your personal account as well.

Are the foreign students paid a scholarship?

Students who entered the quota places (state-funded places) receive an academic scholarship. Students studying at the commercial places (fee-paying places) do not receive an academic scholarship, but they may receive other kinds of scholarships. Also, a student can be awarded a personal scholarship for the excellent grades of entrance exams. You can read more about scholarships here (https://perm.hse.ru/educational_methodical/stip).

I still have some questions left. Who can I talk to?

To find out more details about admission, visit our website: https://perm.hse.ru/admissions/.

Learn more about life at HSE Perm and the city here: https://perm.hse.ru/istudents.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff of the International Office:

E-mail: admissionsperm@hse.ru

WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, IMO: +7 (919) 486-61-31

Vkontakte: https://vk.com/studyinperm

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Telegram channel: https://t.me/hseperminternationaloffice

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 Welcome to HSE Perm!