"Russian as a Foreign Language": "Choosing HSE perm makes me feel at home because the teachers and coordinators here really care about every student"

A new enrollment for an additional educational programme for the preparation of foreign citizens was held at the HSE Perm. The programme "Russian as a Foreign Language" is targeted at foreign applicants from far abroad who are going to enter Russian universities. Throughout the programme, students will master grammar, learn to perceive Russian speech phonetically and will be able to read, speak and write in Russian. This is the third intake and the fourth group of listeners at the HSE Perm.  

"Russian as a Foreign Language": "Choosing HSE perm makes me feel at home because the teachers and coordinators here really care about every student"

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Organizational support is provided by the International Office. Foreign citizens from Turkey, Sudan, China, Iran and Japan were selected for the new group. Students will take intensive Russian language course until the end of July 2021.

Iuliia Babenko
course coordinator

We are happy that the enrollment took place. As with the main educational programmes admissions situation, the COVID-19 pandemic has created difficulties in attracting candidates. The students of the course are united by a desire to learn Russian, although the motives may be different: someone wants to enter a Russian university, someone wants to live in Russia and someone is just fond of Russian culture. 8  most courageous and hardworking people dared to start a course with us remotely. We believe that the epidemiological situation will begin to improve and we will have time to show the city to our students, to acquaint them with the university and the professor Alexander Narseev personally. We hope that the listeners will become students of the main HSE Perm programmes.

Shuhei Yosida
course listener, Japanese citizen

I have already studied Russian before, so I am glad that Alexander gives me additional tasks that are more difficult. I already have a Bachelor's degree at a Japanese university. I have chosen the Russian language course because I want to master grammar better and pass the entrance exams next year. At the Higher School of Economics I am interested in the Bachelor's programs in History, Design and Foreign Languages.

Zhujun Chen
course listener, Chinese citizen

I really enjoy the feeling of learning a new language, it’s like you are reborn to this world again, you learn its alphabet, then you learn how to call mama and papa, and forwards you learn how to make a sentence to express yourself with a proper grammar etc. Learning Russian language in HSE perm makes me feel so refreshed every day, everyday new words, new topics and a lot of interactions with my teacher and classmates, I strive to memorize as much as I can to get to know this language and its culture more and more. It takes pains to learn a language, there’s time when you don’t understand, there’s time when you make mistakes, but the teacher never loses his patience to teach me again and again. Choosing HSE perm makes me feel at home because the teachers and coordinators here really care about every student. With such high-level teachers and warm directors, I just can’t wait to speak Russian language very fluently and travel among Russian cities, explore different cultures in this abundant and beautiful land of paradise - Russia! (Editor's note: author’s punctuation and spelling are preserved.)

At the moment,  the admission to the intensive course "Russian as a foreign language" is open. It begins in February 2021, the course duration is 6 months. You can find all the information concerning the course by clicking here:

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