Zhang Bin: "HSE Has Become an Integral Part of My Life"

Zhang Bin is a citizen of the People's Republic of China. Bin has graduated from Xi'an Petroleum University, programme “Russian language”. Bin entered HSE Perm in 2017 at the Master's programme “Project Management: Project Analysis, Investments, and Implementation Technologies”. Today Bin is very proud to be a graduate of Higher School of Economics.
Bin, what role did HSE play in your life?

Certainly, education at HSE Perm that lasts for two years is handy and I got not only valuable knowledge in the classroom, but also I got acquainted with other cultures, kind and responsive people from other countries and remarkable teachers who became dear to me. In general, I enjoyed a fun student life. I can say that after I got the diploma I fulfilled my dream: I have learned how to put knowledge of Russian language to use, and immersed myself into Russian culture.

“It is impossible to express my feelings using one phrase, but one thing is obvious - HSE has become an integral part of my life!”

What were your expectations about studying at HSE when you first came here 2 years ago? Did they prove?

My main goal after admission was to defend my Master's thesis successfully, and that is why for two years I prioritized time to classes. During the education additional materials and active work in groups at classes really helped me. I am very glad that I had a chance to complete my education in Master's programme at HSE Perm. Two years are not too much, but are enough to become a professional in a new field. It was worth it. Once I set to myself a private attitude – “never give up”, and that is why I became a graduate of the Higher School of Economics!

What did you plan to do after graduating? Have you managed to implement your plan?

I had plans for the next few years after graduating HSE, but, in fact, not all of them had come true. Firstly, I planned to stay in Russia in order to build a career and apply acquired knowledge and skills practically. Secondly, in addition to profession, I set myself personal tasks. Meanwhile I focus on work. After graduation, I went home to China to see my family and have rest a bit, and during holidays, I received an offer to conduct an interesting project. I think that realization of all my plans is fully ahead.

What project do you run now?

I am an assistant of project manager in Chinese Construction Corporation. Now we are implementing the project to build a bridge in Tbilisi, Georgia. Our company is known as CSCEC, it won the tender for the construction of roads E60. It is the first step in my professional activity. It is difficult to predict how the career path in the corporation will further form, because I need to gain experience for further victories.

Would you advise your friends to enter the Higher School of Economics in Perm?

Sure! I talk a lot about HSE with my friends. I can safely name a few reasons why you should enter Higher School of Economics in Perm.

First, HSE is one of the leading universities in Russia. Of course, studying is not easy, but all efforts will compensate down the line. Secondly, Perm has a calm atmosphere for study. As for a student from China, it was very comfortable living and studying in Perm. Life in this city made the best effect on my skills: I have learned Russian, started to write letters and academic texts. Thanks to daily practice, I became more free and confident in communication, which allowed me to establish many wonderful contacts that I intend to maintain in the future. Thirdly, education here is available for students from different countries and with different financial opportunities: the fee for the education is suitable, education is affordable, and it is presented in a very high quality.

“Through my personal example, I ensured how much effort teachers put in order to impress us with useful skills and competencies; how the atmosphere of the Perm campus helps to unleash your potential. I look forward to the future. I am grateful to HSE for this unique experience!”