"I wish that I would make you proud soon"

Ibrahim Sandouk
, 1st year student of the Master’s programme “Information Analytics in Enterprise Management”

Once I had a dream of building a place where people would gather from all over the world to share an exquisite experience, a place where you can learn and love what you are learning, a university that would appreciate your knowledge as like as your good manners. An intellectual space where your language, appearance and colour would not matter, but your commitment, hard work and ethics would be the most crucial factor of your success. Altough, I did not know that someone preceded me to that achievement and called this place “Higher School of Economics”.

Almost half of my life I have spent in the educational process, and here is the most important rule that I have learnt: calculate for the worst, wish for the best but expect nothing. I was lucky enough to become one of the students that have been accepted in such a marvelous place.

Last Friday I had the chance to meet all the freshmen and the professors they were more than polite and nice. My new journey as a Master student in business informatics had just begun and soon I will meet new people and put another brick into the wall of my success.

Last but not the least, I want to thank Alexander and Daria for being great teachers as well as friends and those dedicated HSE employees who made this possible, especially Iuliia, Elizaveta, Dmitriy and Anna. Thank you sincerely for your support. I wish that I would make you proud soon.