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Work Сalendar and Leave

Work Calendar


Work Calendar

National holidays in Russia are considered non-working days. Every year the Russian government issues a statement specifying the duration of national holidays, so it may vary from year to year. National holidays may also be followed or preceded by additional days off. Please note that a working day preceding a national holiday is normally one hour shorter.

National holidays are celebrated in Russia on the following days:

January 1-6, 8

New Year Holidays

January 7 

Christmas Day

February 23 

Defenders of the Fatherland Day

March 8

International Women’s Day

May 1 

May Day

May 9 

Victory Day

June 12 

Day of Russia

November 4

National Unity Day


Annual Paid Leave Unpaid Leave  

HSE faculty and staff are normally employed under work contracts where the employee’s working time on the territory of the Russian Federation is specified. Employees are free to travel outside Russia on their non-working days that are days off, Russian national holidays, or registered leaves. Naturally, leaving the country on a workday (if it is not an official business trip) is violation of the work contract.

Going on leave requires formal procedures that must be completed in advance; otherwise, leaves will not be registered. HSE-Perm teaching and research staff are entitled to different types of leave – annual paid leave and unpaid leave. Please read the information below for details on each kind of leave.

Annual Paid Leave

According to the Russian Labour Code and the internal regulations of the University, research fellows must be provided with the annual paid leave of 28 calendar days per year; faculty who have a teaching load are provided with an extended annual paid leave of 56 calendar days.

Please consult your contract for the duration of your annual leave.

The period of your annual leave can be divided into several parts with one unbroken part of no less than 14 calendar days. In general, faculty members take most of this leave in July and August, as there are no classes during these months.

Employees are supposed to use annual paid leave during the working year. Transfer and deferral of the annual paid leave is only possible in exceptional cases. To change the dates of the leave, an HSE Annual Leave Changing Application Form.doc must be completed. Please note that when changing your leave you should specify the new dates for the entire leave period: either as one lump or in smaller pieces.

How to apply?

Annual paid leave is provided according to the Employee Leaves Schedule, which is composed and approved at the department and submitted to the HR office in December at least two weeks before the start of a calendar year. According to the schedule, the leave and allowance are processed automatically during the year without any additional formal procedures.

Unplanned leave out of schedule is provided based on an application filled out by the employee and submitted to the head of their department at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the leave.

How is it paid?

While it may seem advantageous to combine leave with holidays to prolong it, this may lead to certain monetary losses.

The reason is that compensation for leave days is calculated differently than a salary, and depends on 1) the amount of average wage and 2) the number of working days in a month. While salary is paid for workdays, leave is paid for calendar days (including weekends). Furthermore, public holidays that occur during the period of leave are not paid, though they prolong the period of leave to the corresponding number of days. It is important to remember that the fewer working days there are in the calendar month, the smaller your compensation will be*.

In January and May, for instance, you can take a longer leave, saving leave days, but receive less payment. Accordingly, if you want to go on leave with minimal monetary losses, the recommended months for leave on the work calendar are April, July, and August.

If you want to know the details of how the payment for your leave days was or will be calculated, you may consult the Faculty and Student Support Office.

Unpaid Leave

Aside from annual paid leave, HSE faculty and staff can take unpaid leave upon the agreement of the head of their department.

Please keep in mind that unpaid leave exceeding one month can cause difficulties related to your immigration status. Please consult the Faculty and Student Support Office for details of your individual case.

*Pursuant .to Article 139 of the Labour Code of Russia the average salary/wage of an employee (full-time or part-time) is calculated based on his/her actual salary/wage and actual hours worked during 12 calendar months preceding the period when the employee is entitled to retain his/her average salary (leave, business trip, etc.). A calendar month covers the period from the 1st up to and including the 30th (31st) day of each month (up to and including 28th (29th) day in February). Average daily wage payable for leave is calculated by dividing the amount of employee's salary/wage covering the previous 12 months by 12 and 29.4 (average number of calendar days in each month).


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