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There are many places to eat in Perm, with some of them run by the University. 

Cafés & Restaurants around HSE-Perm

We will name just a few which are the closest to HSE-Perm buildings: 

- Yapona Matryona Sushi Bar. 42a ulitsa Krupskoy. Average receipt: 250-800 rubles.

- Khutorok (“The homestead”) Café. 34 ulitsa Druzhby. Average receipt: 1000-1200 rubles. In the daytime the business lunch is available, average receipt: 100-300 rubles.

- Lakomka (“Sweet-tooth”) Café. 23 ulitsa Druzhby. Average receipt: 500-600 rubles.

- Pechki-Lavochki (“Idle chatter”) Café. 38 ulitsa Krupskoy. Average receipt: 200-500 rubles.

University Cafeterias

HSE-Perm buildings at 38 Studencheskaya ulitsa, 37a boulevard Gagarina and 27 Lebedeva ulitsa have their own cafeterias where you can enjoy a wide range of hot food and snacks.
Average receipt: 100-300 rubles.


Meal, inexpensive restaurant:   200 rub. (3 €)

Meal for 2 people, mid-range restaurant, three-course meal:    1 400 rub.            (20 €)

‘McMeal’ at McDonalds (or equivalent combo meal):    200 rub. (3 €)

Cappuccino (regular):     100 rub. (1.5 €)

Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle):    35 rub. (0.5 €)

Water (0.33 liter bottle):               28 rub. (0.4 €)


Buying Food

For buying food in Perm the supermarkets are the most convenient. They are also quite easy to find. Follow these shop signs:

Depending on the type of products, the price discrepancy may be considerable, however these supermarkets chains have many locations so one can almost always find an affordable option.


Milk (regular), (1 liter)   49 rub. (0.7 €)

Loaf of fresh bread (500g)          20 rub. (0.3 €)

Rice (white), (1kg)          42 rub. (0.6 €)

Eggs (12)             56 rub. (0.8 €)

Local cheese (1kg)          350-700 rub. (5-10 €)

Chicken breasts (boneless, skinless), (1kg)         210 rub. (3 €)

Beef round (1kg) (or equivalent back leg red meat)       450 rub. (6.5 €)

Apples (1kg)      50 rub. (0.7 €)

Banana (1kg)     50 rub. (0.7 €)

Oranges (1kg)   56-100 rub. (0.8-1.5 €) depending on season

Tomato (1kg)    70-150 rub. (1-2 €) depending on season

Potato (1kg)      20-35 rub. (0.3-0.5 €) depending on season

Onion (1kg)                       20 rub. (0.3 €)

Lettuce (1 head)              28 rub. (0.4 €)

Water (1.5 liter bottle)  35 rub. (0.5 €)

Delicious and fresh products are also offered by small shops and kiosks.

For those HSE-Perm staff members who live in the dormitory at 34 Uinskaya street, here are the addresses of the food shops near the dormitory:

For buying meat:

"Maiskiye delikatesy", 10 Uinskaya street;

"Kungursky", 61 Pushkarskaya street;

"Myasnoy magazin", 13 Uinskaya street;

For the purchase of dairy products:

«Ilyinskaya korovka», 38 Uinskaya street;

For buying fresh bakery products near the dormitory:

"Nastoyaschaya pekarnya", 13 Uinskaya street;


Muslim employees should take into consideration that food products sold in most stores and supermarkets, served in cafes and restaurants in Perm, are often not halal.

To buy specific products, you may need the addresses of shops specializing in products for Muslims. Below are the addresses of these stores:

• Meat shop Halal. Pushkina street 102. Open until 18:00

• Halal, Pushkina street 89a. Open until 21:00


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