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Business Trips

HSE faculty and researchers employed under work contracts are allowed to leave the country either on their non-working days (days off, Russian public holidays, or during a paid or unpaid leave) or when going on a business trip. Leaving the country on a workday without going through formal procedures is non-compliant with the terms of your work contract.

These procedures need to be completed in advance before going on a business trip, no matter what funds you use to cover your business trips expenses. Otherwise your business trip will not be registered. Please see the guidelines below for more details on the procedure.

Find it out from your coordinator if you have funds available for your business trip:

  • For trips funded from the Research Fund (tenure-track professors) visit this page.
  • For trips funded by HSE-Perm visit this page.

For more details, please see University regulations on business trips. We strongly recommend reviewing these requirements before you go on your business trip.

Required Documents
Before the trip:
1. Travel assignment form with your signature and your supervisor's signature
2. Formal invitation of the party hosting the event (workshop, conference, etc.), including the name & dates of the event, your name and role in the event (e.g. presentation of the paper named "...", etc. ) as well as indicating what expenses are covered by the organizer of the event.
3. Event programme 
After the trip:
1. Back-to-office report. See the form;
2. Supporting documents.

Golden Rules

1. All expenses must be paid by the employee. Services purchased using someone else’s bank card will not be reimbursed.
2. Original copies of supporting documents with translation into Russian must be submitted for reimbursement. You are to submit them to the accounting office via the Faculty and Student Support Office within 3 days after you come back from your business trip.
3. All documents proving payments must contain payment references.
4. Bank statements issued by Russian banks must contain a signature and a seal of the relevant bank.
5. Reimbursement for one trip cannot be made in parts. Only a complete package of documents will be accepted.
6. An employee will only be reimbursed for those expenses that are supported by correct documents. Please, see below for the reimbursement rules.

For questions, please contact the Faculty and Student Support Office.


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