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Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre

The Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre is named after the great composer Tchaikovsky for a reason - because he is also from here. You never know, his first works may have been inspired by the nature of the Perm region. Paying tribute to the memory of the great composer, the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre has achieved something extraordinary. They have put on all of the composer’s stage works – ten operas and three ballets, including the world-famous ‘Swan Lake’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and the children’s favourite, ‘The Nutcracker’.

The Perm Opera Theatre has been very lucky with its artistic directors. Teodor Currentzis is one of the best examples. In 2013 he was awarded two ‘Golden Masks’ for Best Director of an Opera and Best Director of Ballet. Working with complete dedication, the artistic director of the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre drives their success and motivates the troupe. The deserving collective has placed first in multiple contests and festivals. They have something to show viewers both at home and on tour.

Without disregarding the traditions of the past, the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre is constantly improving; looking for new forms and refining its professional mastery. In order to allow our audience to familiarise themselves with our repertoire more conveniently, we have created as special web-page for the Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre. On it you can see when and what shows will be performed, find out more about them, choose the best day to visit and comment on shows that you’ve seen.

The Perm Opera Theatre is waiting to show you the power of art at our shows and immerse viewers in the enchanting atmosphere of classical music. You will appreciate the actors’ talent; they will offer up their lives for you, bringing something beautiful, cherished and eternal to society.

Perm Academic Theatre – Theatre

Many visitors to the city are under the impression that this is a recent collective. However, this is far from the truth. This dramatic theatre, whose schedule always abounds with interesting productions, was founded in far-off 1927. In those years, the revolutionary youth of Perm created their own Workers Theatre, as the traditional theatre had failed to keep up with the times. The troupe was looking to the future even then, and continues to do so today.

Needless to say, people are very excited when a dream comes true, even if it’s not their own personal dream. The only place where Assol will always meet Grey, as in Grin’s Scarlet Sails, is the stage of the Theatre – Theatre in Perm. It is there that dreams become reality.

At the end of the 20s, the actors had such passion that they performed around 25 shows a month; bold, biting and emotional. The Theatre – Theatre has never shied away from new ideas and experiments. With highly-equipped stages and a talented company, what more do you need to fulfil a director’s vision?

The company is prepared to work with various directors. The main thing is that the work is interesting. The schedule of the Theatre – Theatre, which can be seen in many places around the city, also includes classical plays, musicals and new Russian drama. The possibilities are endless.

The Theatre – Theatre is located next to an esplanade, so in winter you can always combine your visit with a walk through the ice town, and in summer you can take your children to see the attractions there. The Theatre – Theatre always encourages new work, such as the premiere of Grigory Gorin’s ‘Memorial Prayer’. Don’t miss this opportunity!

"By the Bridge" Theatre

Auteur projects are always interesting for their ambition. The ‘At the Bridge’ Theatre in Perm is one of these. The dedication of the actors is clear when you watch the shows. They don’t act the play, they live it; naturally and with emotion.

Their approach to their repertoire is also untraditional. The theatre’s schedule includes shows performed in the tradition of Russian psychological theatre, repertoire performances and experimental works. The collective equally favours foreign and Russian classics.

It seems like there is nothing the troupe can’t do. The ‘At the Bridge’ Theatre really loves institution at 11 Kuibysheva Street. Audiences enjoy going to shows, the prices of which are accessible for all.

Sometimes the team works in the genre of ‘theatre-laboratory’; looking for new directions and experimenting with costumes, sets, lights and writing. The ‘At the Bridge’ Theatre has in its schedule, which is posted all around the city, an unusual play; the sports comedy ‘The Team’, in which a passion for handball become tangled up in love and jealousy. The result is a sparkling firework of drama. If you go to see this show, or any others at the ‘At the Bridge’ Theatre, you won’t regret it. Extraordinary, talented and riveting sights await you.

Young Spectator's Theatre

Teenagers today tend to be left to their own devices after school. Some go to sports classes or discos, but there is very little to help a child work on their inner life. That's why organisations like the Perm Young Spectator Theatre are worth their weight in gold.

The theatre’s collective is a leading Russian youth theatre and constantly takes part in different contests and festivals in an international format. The troupe has been headed by People’s Artist of Russia, Mikhail Skomorokhov, for 30 years. All of the actors are focused on the creative result, which is why the audiences often seek out the Young Spectator Theatre. Their schedule offers viewers both foreign and Russian classical works, as well as modern drama. The theatre has more than 20 works in its repertoire. From Chekov to Gogol, Ostrovsky to Turgenev, Yershov to Andersen, Voinovich, Bradbury and Shukshin – the Young Spectator Theatre’s shows are very diverse.

A whole range of genres is presented to the audience; fairy-tales, fantasy, incredible adventures, classics and plays for children – you can choose whatever suits you. Isn’t that why the Young Spectator's Theatre is always fully booked? To find out about upcoming shows and read reviews about those that have been and gone, you can visit our web-page. You will feel invigorated by the energy of the actors’ dedication. Visit the Young Spectator Theatre, and you will become a little kinder and happier. It’s these qualities that are so sorely needed in our society today.

Perm State Puppet Theatre

The Perm Puppet Theatre started its life in the same way as the famous S. V. Obraztsov Theatre: with the fairy-tale ‘At the Pike’s Request’ and a small troupe. Since its start in 1937, many decades have passed and there have been many ups and downs. Today, the Perm Puppet Theatre is one of the the city’s cultural centres. The theatre has two chic performance halls and a rich repertoire in which there are shows for both children and adults.

In its work the professional collective relies on literary material of the highest quality. This is one reason why viewers of all ages seek out the Perm Puppet Theatre.

The collective is constantly going on tour and loves to participate in various festivals. Their creative plans are grandiose, and the theatre has the means and opportunities to fulfil them! Come to the shows to immerse yourself in an extraordinary atmosphere - we are all a bit like children at heart. Feel invigorated while you sit in the audience, and experience those positive emotions that you can’t always get in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.