Points of Interest

Perm has thirteen wonderful museums. The Perm Art Gallery is one of Russia’s richest depositories of masterpieces of Russian icon-painting and other works, including originals by Repin, Levitan, Savrasov and Serov. The gallery also holds the ‘Perm Gods’ – a fantastic collection of wooden church sculptures.

The Perm Regional Philharmonic is one of the country’s cultural centres.  Prominent modern musicians from around the world perform there and its festivals of symphony, organ, vocal and jazz music have long since become the pride of Perm.

Perm citizens are avid theatregoers. There are five theatres in the city. Perm theatre productions have received the ‘Golden Mask’ prize many times. The P. I. Tchaikovsky Opera and Ballet Theatre is particularly beloved – every premiere is a masterpiece on a global scale!

There is a circus building in the city, where famous circus troupes, both Russian and foreign, regularly perform.  The building also houses a circus museum which contains over 15,000 artifacts. There is also a zoo, planetarium and many parks. There are also often national and international festivals and competitions of ballet, folklore, rock music, snow and ice sculptures, cinema, modern art and amateur theatre.

Perm is a sports city. People in Perm support professional teams in basketball, hockey, football and handball.