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Outdoor Activities


Water tourism is very popular in the Urals, as the Urals are very rich in rivers, which delight you with picturesque landscapes of nature, fascinating grottoes, caves that can be explored, various natural attractions and an abundance of river inhabitants. The main advantage of rafting along the rivers is that tourists do not carry luggage and equipment, but calmly go with the flow.

This is one of the best summer activities in the region. The main season is in July, but experienced enthusiasts open the season every year in April and May, when ice comes off the surface of rivers. Rafting, as a form of recreation and tourism, will be interesting to young people, aged people, and families with children. You can go rafting for the weekend or leave for a few days.

The most popular rivers for rafting are Usva, Koiva, Vishera, Sylva.

Winter Sports

Prikamye has very snowy winters, and there are many seasonal attractions. Ski resorts are one of the most popular among them. There are several of them in the Perm region.

The ski complex "Zhebrei" is located on one of the most beautiful river of the Perm Territory - Sylva. In the ski complex there are six tracks with a total length of 5,000 meters. It is equipped with two tow tow ropes, each of which allows up to 900 people per hour. Artificial snowmaking is provided on the tracks. You can try your hand on the 300-meter track of the snowboard park. There are two springboards and rails on the track (a sports projectile, which is a horizontal or inclined railing made of narrow metal pipes).

Ski equipment rental is available at the ski resort. If this is your first time skiing or snowboarding, professional instructors will help you master them. Training is conducted on a special training slope.

Gubakha ski center is one of the best slopes in the Urals. The resort has 18 tracks with a length of 100 to 2600 meters with a maximum elevation of 310 meters. Four ski tow lifts (representing a cable running in a circle through special supports), three unsupported lifts, and a travelator (moving stepless track that allows you to speed up or facilitate the movement of people) will help tourists climb the mountain. On the territory of the center there is a Lucky Park of two difficulty levels: for professionals and amateurs. The tracks are processed daily by snow groomers; if necessary, snowmaking is used.

Tourists can rent ski and snowboard equipment. It is also possible to install mounts and repair skis or a snowboard. And if you don’t know how to ride, you can sign up for training lessons. Both children and adults can be trained during individual or group classes.


Hiking is a fascinating pastime for active people who maintain their body and spirit in good shape regardless of the time of year or weather conditions. Every year, experienced tourists and beginners from all over the world come to the Urals to admire the beauty of the northern mountains, relax from the bustle of the city and get acquainted with the unique sights.

Tourist hiking in the Urals will reveal to you all the splendor of the mountain slopes, ranges and peaks. On trips, the participants of the tours learn to conquer the passes, and with each subsequent ascent, the baggage of unforgettable impressions is replenished with new positive emotions, without which not a single visit to the Ural region is complete.

Hiking tours are good both in summer and in winter season. In the summer, this is a wonderful opportunity to climb the peaks, which offer magnificent views of the surrounding nature. You can swim in the cleanest mountain lakes, sunbathe under the gentle Ural sun, get acquainted with the flora and fauna. As a rule, in summer tours, tourists are as close to nature as possible. This is an overnight stay in tents and cooking on an open fire. Hiking tours to the mountains often give travelers an interesting sight - for example, a meeting with a herd of deer.

Winter holidays have a lot of features, only in winter you will get a lot of pleasure from hiking in the mountains, from the winter silence. A Russian bath with birch brooms and a crackle of fire in the stove will leave a pleasant impression on the trip for a long time. In many tours you will be offered many additional winter activities - horseback riding, winter fishing and visiting livestock farms, as well as snowmobiling or skiing.

Of course, everything may happens on foot. But in overcoming difficulties that a person starts to evaluate himself and his abilities in a new way, reconsiders his attitude to the world around him and people, finds real himself .

Ural nature provides a lot of opportunities for backpackers: it includes weekend trips - for example, a trip to the amazing Stone town, and many days of travel around the north of the region - with a visit to the bewitching with its beauty stone of the Memorial or the picturesque Zhigalan waterfall.

Horseback Riding

Horse riding is a great option for those who want to touch the animal world, relax and find inner harmony with the outside world.

Horseback riding gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, chat with horses and ride these beautiful animals under the supervision of an experienced instructor. This can be a measured walk through the forest, or horseback riding lessons. You can choose a horse, feed, establish contact with it, so you can see each other again.

Air Sports

In Perm you can conquer the sky. This can mainly be done in summer.

In the region there are several schools and centers where you can jump with a parachute. Experienced instructors will do everything necessary to ensure safety, give out equipment. The jump is made with a modern parachute system specially designed for the first jumps, a fully controlled parachute allows you to land safely and gently on a comfortable landing site. All you have to do is get out of the plane, the equipment will do the rest itself - the parachute opens forcibly. From the first jump, you begin to learn the very important fundamentals of parachuting: proper separation from the aircraft and control of the parachute system. An instructor will help you with this via radio communications. A parachute jump will allow you to get unforgettable control pleasure, performing exciting maneuvers at a safe height, landing beautifully to the place, where your friends and our team will meet you and congratulate you on your first jump. The first free fall jumps are always carried out in tandem with an instructor.

In the region you can fly in a balloon. This does not require any skills, it is enough to follow the instructions of the pilot. A smooth flight over the picturesque fields gives a romantic mood.

There is also an aviation sports base in the Kama region, where you can learn how to fly an aircraft or be a passenger in an airplane or helicopter. Air stunts are breathtaking and leave a vivid impression for life.

Paragliding is getting very popular. You can soar above the ground, feeling the air flow and take photos that will surely amaze your friends.

For those who are not ready for heights, there is the opportunity to fly in a wind tunnel. The instructor will help you tear yourself off the ground and fly in a bright suit like a superhero.

Those who want to experience vivid emotions and adrenaline can take a bungee jump. Usually this can be done with the “new” bridge along Revolution Street. A short jump with a fixed cable will seem infinitely long. You can jump alone or together.


In Perm there is the Perm Regional Federation of Sailing. The history of this sport in Prikamye has more than 100 years; in its heyday Perm yachtsmen were in leading roles in Russia, became champions of the USSR and the Russian Federation, and were a part of the national team. The Federation seeks to preserve everything that has been achieved in past years and try to increase the number of yachtsmen, unite windsurfing and kiteboarding enthusiasts, and raise new champions in all sailing disciplines.

Today, everyone can visit the sailing sections and try their hand. There are sailing clubs that teach you how to manage yachts, boats, jet skis, and also invite you to simply take a boat trip or have a photo shoot.